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Micro Summer Tubes - Go Small and Go Home Happy



Have you spotted what's missing from the above image - that's right, a tube fly. It's not surprising really, as this is an old image and tube flies were only really invented in the 1930s/40s.

Micro tube flies are pretty special, and really come into their own when targeting summer fish, they are not just smaller versions of their bigger brothers. The micro tube fly needs to be dressed much simpler and tied carefully, so it swims and fishes effectively despite its size. These lightly weighted and smaller tube flies work really well in the faster riffles where hooked flies may start to skate on the waters surface. Try them also in slower water using tiny strips, with short pauses.

We've also included in this email some of our top tips for getting the most out of your Summer fishing expeditions. Read on McDuff ...

Ok, so why should I use a tube fly?

Tube flies have some pretty cool advantages over a traditional hooked fly:

  • Your fly lasts much longer - the fly rides up and away from the fish. Also, if there's a problem with a hook then you simply replace the hook, not the whole fly.
  • You land more fish - Because the tube slides away from the fish, this allows you to use a hook with a much shorter shank compared to traditional salmon hooks, this in turn means that the fish has much less leverage when trying to shed the hook - clever eh!
  • Hook Position 1 - The hook in a tube fly can be positioned at the very back of the wing, eliminating false strikes by the fish
  • Hook Position 2 - If you are fishing over lots of snags, the hook can be rotated 180 degrees so it fishes point upwards
  • Multiple Presentations - You can use a variety of hooks (up-eye, down-eye or straight-eye) to get the presentation you want (i.e. you can use an up-eyed hook fished upside down - this will usually keep the fly balanced and also disguise the hook in the materials used to tie the tube fly).

Top Summer Tube Tip:

"When using small tube flies in the low summer levels, don't use a hook with an offset point. The offset point acts as a rudder and will spin your fly around and fish it upside down!"

View Our Summer Salmon Tube Selection

*​Click on any image or link within this Blog for a closer look at our Summer Salmon Tube flies.

The tubes included in our selection (one of each) are:

Mini Crimp Tubes:

  • Arindilly Fancy (Mini Crimp Tube) / 8mm
  • Executioner (Mini Crimp Tube) / 8mm
  • Stoat Tail (Mini Crimp Tube) / 8mm
  • Wee Willie Gunn Snaelda (Mini Crimp Tube) / 4mm

Mini Cone Heads:

  • Alistair's Cascade (Mini Cone Head) / 8mm
  • Wee Sheep (Mini Cone Head) / 6mm
  • Wee Tosh (Mini Cone Head) / 6mm
  • Willie Dog (Mini Cone Head) / 8mm

Riffle Hitches:

  • Cooseboom (Riffle Hitch Tube) / 8mm
  • Green Butt (Riffle Hitch Tube) / 8mm
  • Mini Sunray Shadow (Riffle Hitch Tube) / 12mm
  • Waspi (Riffle Hitch Tube) / 8mm

Aluminium Tubes:

  • Gold Willie Gunn Aluminium Tube / 1/2"
  • Pearly Stoats Tail Aluminium Tube / 1/2"
  • Posh Tosh Aluminium Tube / 1/2"
  • Sunburst Cascade Aluminium Tube / 1/2"

We are including all of the above 16 Summer Salmon Tubes - so you can travel as light as possible - for only £48, including free delivery.

*** We've only got 10 of these Summer Salmon Tube Selections available, so if you would like one, you will need to be quick! ***

What are you waiting for - fill your boots!

OK, I'm convinced, Show me the Summer Salmon Tube Selection

If you like the tubes but would prefer to buy them individually, you can use any of the four buttons below to view the Mini Crimp Tubes, Mini Cone Heads, Riffle Hitches and Aluminium Tubes:

 View Our Mini Crimp Tubes 

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You've got the tubes, what about the hooks?

We've got you covered in that respect, we supply the best hooks we can find - Partridge Nordic Singles and Doubles, check them out for yourself here:

Partridge Nordic Tube Double


Supplied in packs of 10. Available in sizes 6 to 12.


Partridge Nordic Tube Single


Supplied in packs of 10. Available in sizes 6 to 14.

 Top Tips for Summer Salmon Success

We are by no means experts in the field of Salmon fishing (just enthusiastic amateurs!), but here's a few of the top tip's we've been given along the way:


  • Try fishing upstream: If possible, try to fish 'up and across', you will have more chance of connecting with a fish if you approach it from behind, just keep in touch with the fly at all times.
  • Time your fishing to the conditions: If it's going to be a bright, sunny day, either start early (just after sunrise) or later in the evening (assuming the beat allows it). 
  • Wade with care: When the water is low and the flows minimal, always take care when you are wading to not create a huge bow-wave in front of you. Try to be as stealthy as possible. If you can possibly get away with it, don't enter the water at all.
  • Fish need oxygen too: Look at the water in front of you and target the more oxygenated water, tails of riffles etc. Essentially if you can hear the water, then fish it.
  • Think Kylie Minogue - Small and Slim: It is pretty widely known that you should fish with smaller flies in low water conditions, but you should also take note of the profile of the fly. Choose a small slim fly where possible, it's much easier to impart movement to a slim fly in lows/slower water.