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Editor Friggi
Size: 14 to 16

Stunning Low Water & Summer Salmon Selection

Are you ready for those summer salmon forays! Now it looks like we have a little more settled weather in front of us, it's time to get ready for the lower water levels and idyllic summer fishing. We've put together a selection of our best selling summer salmon flies and housed them in one of the stunning Bear Fly Fishing fly wallets. Click on any image or button within this email for a closer look at the flies.

We've also included in this email some of our top tips for getting the most out of your Summer fishing expeditions. Read on McDuff ...

As you are probably aware, summer fishing requires you to step down in hook size. This stunning selection of 16 Summer Salmon patterns are all tied on either size 12 or 14 Partridge double hooks. We've included the patterns which will give you the best chance in low water conditions, no matter which river you are fishing. Patterns included are:

  • 2 x Editor Friggi Double - Size 12
  • 2 x Copper Stoat Double - Size 14
  • 2 x Ally's Pearl Double - Size 12
  • 2 x Kinermony Killer Double - Size 12
  • 2 x Phoenix Shrimp Double - Size 12
  • 2 x Grimersta Stoat Double - Size 12
  • 2 x Witch Stoat Double - Size 12
  • 2 x Olive Francis Double - Size 12

We are included all of the above 16 summer salmon doubles and the Bear Fly Wallet - so you can travel as light as possible - for only £70, including free delivery.

We've only got 10 of these Summer Salmon Selections available, so if you would like one, you will need to be quick!

What are you waiting for - fill your boots!

Don't want the flies, but love the Fly Wallet?

You can order the Bear Fly Wallet's on their own,  for only £24, including free delivery.

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Here's a quick look at the flies which are included in our Summer Salmon Selection:

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Top Tips for Summer Salmon Success

We are by no means experts in the field of Salmon fishing (just enthusiastic amateurs!), but here's a few of the top tip's we've been given along the way:

  • Time your fishing to the conditions: If it's going to be a bright, sunny day, either start early (just after sunrise) or later in the evening (assuming the beat allows it). 
  • Wade with care: When the water is low and the flows minimal, always take care when you are wading to not create a huge bow-wave in front of you. Try to be as stealthy as possible.
  • Fish need oxygen too: Look at the water in front of you and target the more oxygenated water, tails of riffles etc. Essentially if you can hear the water, then fish it.
  • Think Kylie Minogue - Small and Slim: It is pretty widely known that you should fish with smaller flies in low water conditions, but you should also take note of the profile of the fly. Choose a small slim fly where possible, it's much easier to impart movement to a slim fly in lows/slower water.

Fancy Something Even Smaller?

Why not take a look at our range of Nordic Singles - all tied on a size 14, or our Riffle Hitches:




Willie Gunn (Nordic Single)

Tied on a size 14 single hook.

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Allys Riffle Hitch 8mm Tube

Try a Riffle Hitch Mini Tube.

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Cascade (Nordic Single)

Tied on a size 14 single hook.

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We will be starting to send out weekly emails, giving tips on fishing and which flies are working well, also including some patterns which you may not have seen before, along with fly history and some really nice Salmon fly artwork which you can download for free. If you know of anyone who you think would enjoy being part of our community, please pass this email on to them and encourage them to sign up to our community here.